Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Watching the game while watching Desperate Housewives....

Saturday you watch ball games all day, Sunday again all day, Monday rolls around and it is "Big Monday" on ESPN and the Tuesday, for the love of God, "Super Tuesday." On Wednesday all you want to do is watch the game. If you are anything like me you have had a moment with a girlfriend, wife, child or some collection of these that they wanted to watch a TV show and you wanted to keep up with the games. I actually have this happen to me quite often. There are solutions that allow you to follow the game and make the family (girlfriend) happen.

I for one do not care for PIP (Picture in Picture) it simply does not do the trick. I have opted to use my laptop in the house or on the patio for viewing of the game(s) when in a crunch. Below is an example of following the games while watching some ABC drama on the big TV.

On a night last winter in the midst of wanting to listen to the Ole Miss basketball game and watch Mississippi State and Arkansas my wife wanted to watch some show probably Grey's Anatomy. I found myself on the sofa with one earphone in and I grabbed my laptop. I started by turning on my Slingbox (must have device for the traveling sportsfan) to watch the Mississippi State game. I then realized that game was being streamed for free by Yahoo! Sports as well as the game from the SEC East Kentucky and Georgia so I opened both games. I then plugged in my Radio Shark and tuned to 97.3 FM and with one earphone in I could listen to my beloved Rebels. I then changed my Slingbox to ESPN to catch the Maryland - Duke game, all this while stat-tracking the Vandy - South Carolina game and following the LSU - Auburn game 0n CBS Sportsline. In short I had a sports bar in my lap, isn't that what we are all looking for anyway. The Sports Technology Blog is going to help you get there, keep up with all of the games the easiest way you can.

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